Planning a rocket launch? Well, if so, then you will need a precision clock because, every 1/100th of a second counts and precision time-telling is precisely what the Mitxela Precision Clock Mk II1/2 has to offer.

It is capable of displaying time in BST and GMT with accuracy down to 1/100th of a second. Perhaps, more importantly is, the Precision Clock Mk II1/2 won’t drift, so the time is always accurate. Or at least that’s what we heard.

Mitxela Precision Clock Mk II1/2

The engineer behind Mitxela claims that Precision Clock Mk II1/2 is the “most precise and accurate wall clock you can get.” Well, if it isn’t, I won’t be able to tell.

There are lot of electronics engineering that goes into it to enable it to keep precise time, but I prefer not to dig into details because, I tried and I was overwhelmed by the technicality involved. All you have to know is that it uses GPS-synchronized calibration to achieve the accuracy.

It is a very technical project which, for the brave soul who are willing to embark on, Mitxela is selling the kit. I imagine those with the knack for electronics tinkering will be greatly rewarded for embarking on this project.

Besides getting an impossibly accurate time, you’d be also getting what possibly could be the coolest looking clock in the world. One that reminiscent that of a mission control of a space rocket launch facility. I mean, how cool is that?

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If you are keen, you can pick up the kit from for £100 (about US$128). Or learn more about Mitxela Precision Clock Mk II1/2 HERE.

Images: Mitxela.

Source: Technabob.

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