Finally, A DIY Portal Turret Replica With All The Works Except Killing

It has been a decade and a half since Valve’s Portal video game was released. Speaking of the game, the Portal Gun and the Portal Turret, aka Aperture Science Sentry Turret, were two icons born out of the game which, a decade on, some people are still building them.

Guy Turned Mac Mini Into A Laptop-like Computer With An iPad Mini For The Display

What do you do if you love your Mac mini way too much? Keep using it, of course but there is nothing much you can do except to leave it at home when you head out. But maker Scott Yu-Jan digs his M1 Mac mini so much that he decided to make it portable. You …

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip 3 Into A Nintendo DS, Complete With Split Screen Capability

There are gamers who feel nostalgic about the Nintendo DS and then there is a gamer who feels nostalgic, looked at his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and thought: it can work as a DS substitute!

Someone Turned A Belt Sander Into A 3-Wheeled RC Car And It Is Beyond Awesome

Have you ever looked at everyday objects and imagined them to be something else? While maybe we all do, someone has turned imagination into reality. When he was young, David Windestal of HackMakeMod thought the belt sander looked like a vehicle.

How To Choose The Right Equipment For Your Next DIY Project

Once you start doing your home improvement projects, it is time to think about the DIY equipment that is needed. There are hundreds of tools available for purchase or rent, but not all will be helpful for every project. If you want to save time and money, then understanding what types of equipment are best …

Glitter Bomb 4.0: Another Year, Another Sparkling “Present” For Porch Pirates

It started in 2018 and following that, we saw an upgraded version of it every year. It has become a tradition. We are, of course, talking about the Glitter Bomb. That’s right. It is another year of sparkling treatment for the thieves, courtesy of Mark Rober.

This Is Probably The Geekiest DIY Remote Control Submarine We Have Ever Seen

DIY Perks, a DIY channel on YouTube that mostly DIY computer and computer-related peripherals like a suspended microphone and making a laptop out of a phone has gotten his hands wet to make a super cool remote control submarine.

Watch Dude Built The Cockpit Of Mobile Suit Gundam Out Of Cardboard

There are many people who made things out of cardboard. We have seen a bunch, including the likes of Psycho-Pass Dominator Gun Prop, a Death Star model, and an Iron Man helmet – just to name a few. However, not many cardboard craftspeople did it like it is something money can buy. DanCreator / Cardboard …

Wooden Lord Of The Rings One Ring Lamp: Smeagol Like My Precious…

You must be thinking. So what if it is a lamp in the likeness of the infamous One Ring from Lord of the Rings? Any business could have made one, you thought. Well, on the contrary, none actually exists. I know. I am just as surprised as you. But that’s not the point.

This Howl’s Moving Castle Sculpture Looks Like It Has Jump Straight Out Of The Movie

You may mistake this Howl’s Moving Castle for a movie prop, except that Howl’s Moving Castle is an animation and uses no props. What you see here is a sculpture of the super cool walking castle created by the super talented model maker, Studson Studio.