This Is Flyte Story, The World’s First Levitating Clock

While I was researching for the previous article, I came across another very interesting magnetic levitation product from Flyte. Flyte is, if you recall, one of the earlier brands that first pitched the idea of a levitating light bulb back in 2016. Between now and then, it has came up with a few new stuff, […]

Someone DIY-ed A Freaking Cool Nixie Tube Clock Bluetooth Speaker

If you have been following this blog, you will know we have this thing for all-thing Nixie tube and so naturally, when we stumble upon this DIY Nixie Tube Clock/Bluetooth Stereo on Reddit, posted by Redditor u/the_gentlemanloser AKA Cole Bryson, we know we have to reach out to him for the juicy details. The thing […]

Unique Clock With E-ink Display In Blister Case Can Go On For 2 Years

Here’s avant-garde wall clock for those who desire for an unusual and high-tech look. Called E-blister, designed by Russia-born designer Vadim Kibardin of KIBARDIN Design, it is the last timepiece in KIBARDIN Design’s 3D digital skeleton clock collection. What captures us is not just the avant-garde design; it is the battery life. Man, this thing […]

Sensorwake Wants You To Wake Up To The Scent Of The Beach

Waking up while holidaying at some exotic beach resort is never as dreadful as waking up at home, knowing that it is time to drag your dead weight to work. But with Sensorwake Trio, the first tri-sense alarm clock, you can fool yourself into thinking that you are waking to a beautiful beach side resort. […]

Game Boy Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To The Tune Of Super Mario Land In 8-bit

In this smartphone age, there is hardly the need for a clock. Personally, I don’t even wear anything on the wrist if not for the fitness tracker I am committed to use to track my lazy ass. But somewhere, somehow, somebody managed to come out with certain clocks that make certain people unable to say […]

This Minimalistic Clock Is Also Your Handy Emergency Preparedness Kit

You need a clock and you need some sort of survival kit in your home for peace of mind. With that in mind, you can either get a sleek clock and a separate survival kit, or you could look to KGC Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit as a (stylish) two-in-one solution. Designed by Seoul-based […]

Design Studio Turns Playful Design Of Foil Balloons Into A Clock That Pops

If like your clock to pop and fun at the same time, well then, you gotta check out the Aria Balloon Clock conceived by Seoul-based industrial design studio Heart Storming Design. As the product name suggests, the clock is inspired by fun, playful characteristics of Mylar foil balloons. What’s brilliant about this clock is the […]

MB&F’s Octopus-inspired Table Clock Is Really More Akin To A Robotic Spider

MB&F, AKA Maximilian Busser and Friends, has come a long way. It has progressed from making exotic watches to, in recent years, exquisite clocks that were pretty much out of this world. The Octopod is the luxury watch brand’s latest table clock that will leave sci-fi fans drooling all over. Assuming the form of a […]

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock Is One For The Halloween

As if cuckoo clock itself isn’t spooky enough, the guys at Bradford Exchange has made it even more spookier with an iteration based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, yeah. What you have here is a Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock, officially licensed, of course, and you know what I […]

Look Ma, No Hands: The Light Clock Tells Time With 120 LEDs

Don’t worry. The Light Clock does not rely on the sun to tell time. In fact, it is the opposite. It has no hands, no dial or whatsoever. Instead, it uses 120 individual LEDs, each with the ability to display over 16 million colors, to shed light on the time, like literally. This is how […]