OneClock Alarm Clock Kickstarter

OneClock said it is not an alarm clock. But what does a clock that wakes up? An alarm clock. So… anyways, we are not here to define “alarm clock.” We are here for this unique NOT alarm clock.

OneClock Alarm Clock Kickstarter

With OneClock, it ditches the annoying alarm ringing (and those alarm sounds that the phone has to offer) and uses music to wake you up. Apparently, those jarring alarm sounds are bad for you.

OneClock said it triggers a spike in blood pressure and heart rate which effects your nervous system and thus result in stress. So, that is why I hate waking by alarm and not because of work? It’s a new revelation… to me.

In case you are thinking you can resolve the “stress” associated with waking up by setting radio or other media devices to wake you up, you have to know that the music this clock dishes out is not your regular music.

OneClock Alarm Clock Kickstarter

They are waking music based on science and composed by Grammy-winning artists that will rouse you up gently and gradually, and doing so reliably. Besides, by relying on music from this “waking clock”, you can keep your phone away from your bedroom like the Loftie alarm clock we saw a while back.

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Moreover, OneClock is built in with an AI music generator that will “randomly choose one of the songs stored on the clock’s solid state memory and remix it by adjusting the levels of each instrument or vocal for infinite combinations.” In this way, you will hear the songs the same way twice and therefore, you will not prone to becoming desensitized to the sound.

OneClock Alarm Clock Kickstarter

You can learn more about this “waking clock” over at the product’s Kickstarter page where you can also pre-order a unit.

It does not come cheap, however. It’s even dearer than the already pricey Loftie. It will run you back at a cool US$244 or more.

Images: OneClock.

Hat tip: the gadgeteer.