while there are coffee makers that make life a little more convenient when you needed a cup of joe, there are some connoisseurs who prefer to take the more traditional route, like dripping them over a mason jar. well, if that sounds like right up your alley, then the Pour Mason Coffee Maker is just the thing for you. it is hardly a gadget (not even close); it is essentially an exceedingly simple contraption made from 18-gauge, 1100 aluminum alloy finished in electroless nickel, that is designed to screw on top of the mouth of any standard soda-lime glass jar. once fitted, all is left to do is to pour the brew straight into the funnel-fitted-to-a-screw-cap (with filter, which is not included, of course) and wait for the magic to happen. this is what we call no frills coffee. there is no electricity to bother with; all that is standing between you and a good cuppa are a filter, a compatible jar, a cup, grounded coffee and boiling water.

the Pour Mason Coffee Maker not only offers a personal touch to your coffee, the device is personal too; each Pour Mason is lovingly handcrafted right in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so you can savor the fruit of love born out of human hands (yours and those of the artisans) and not some cold, emotionless robots. you would never have imagined such a simple, almost no-brainer, device could be so attractive and it has, at the time of this writing, sold out. we were greeted with a big, bold red two-letter vulgarity in online shopping speaks called ‘Sold Out’, but did it really sold out or was it not even ready for sale? regardless, it will be for your taking in a few days time and you can pre-order yours for just $35. just remember that if you haven’t got yourself a mason jar and the rest of the necessary stuff, go get them ready.

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Intelligent Design Company via Fast Co. Design

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