Sod Buster Jr. Pocket Knife by W.R. Case & Sons

Sod Buster Jr. Pocket Knife by W.R. Case & Sons
long before knife are subjected to fancy multi-tool treatment, it was just a plain and beautifully crafted piece of implement that has one sole purpose: to cut and that’s precisely what the Sod Buster Jr. Pocket Knife by W.R. Case & Sons is all about. we are not sure of individual family’s tradition but if you have a young man in the house, you may want to shove him this pocket knife and send him on his way to his manhood, well, so to speak. we are not suggesting that your young offspring to take on the career of Rambo of the urban jungle (this knife is far from capable of that) but it is more for his treehouse building and scout activity needs or it could be a badge of honor for him as you grew up bashing through the woods, creating stuff. you know, just having some harmless fun. made in Bradford, Pennsylvania by W.R. Case & Sons, this classic-look pocket knife is crafted from a combination of surgical steel for the blade and smooth synthetic handle. it is said that this thing is built to last and yet, it is not overly priced to be in the possession of the young ones. you know how it is. boys will be boys and they tend to get things misplaced and $35 is unlikely to make your heart ache if he happen to lose it in his camping trip.

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