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Best Made’s American Longbow Goes Back to Basic, Wants You to Shoot Like Our Forebears Did

Just like pilots of past era who flew with little technological aid, the archers of the yesteryear shoots without fancy aids like counterweights, sights or pulleys. It was archery in its purest form, an art, if you will that’s lost to today’s technological advancement. That said, if you appreciate the ancient art of archery, or simply appreciate the beauty of a longbow, untainted by modern day mechanics, then we bet you will love the The American Longbow by Best Made Co.. Yup. Best Made Co. now makes bow and arrow too, and it looks ridiculously awesome. Continue reading Best Made’s American Longbow Goes Back to Basic, Wants You to Shoot Like Our Forebears Did

The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

If you haven’t already gone paperless and travels quite a bit, then we suppose you still need a document bag, or in this case, a document case for all your papers and writing materials. If so, here’s one coming from Best Made Co., dubbed Gfeller Document Case, that should appeal to style-conscious, paper-loving folks. Made by Idaho-based Gfeller Casemakers, whom are known for making outstanding leather goods for archaeologists and geologists since 1946, the Gfeller Document Case is a sight to behold and is an object of beauty, one which we would described as the aristocrat of document bags. Continue reading The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

The Box of Tools is What You Need to Get Your Kids Started in Carpentry

Here’s a Box of Tools for your kids if you’re looking to nurture them into someone good with their hands. Someone who, in future, makes a good DIY-er, especially in the area of carpentry. We think it is a great idea, the tools. At least, for starter, juniors will learn that furniture is not Ikea and Ikea is not furniture. The tools are fashioned out of steel and wood, and are real working tools to get your young ones started. It goes without saying, grown ups’ (as in real adults and not those depicted in flicks like, well, Grown Ups) supervision is mandatory. Continue reading The Box of Tools is What You Need to Get Your Kids Started in Carpentry

What We Have Missed: Day 219, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Custom LEGO Town of Springfield The Simpsons’ Town of Springfield Recreated In LEGO With Incredible Details
forget about the official LEGO The Simpsons set, Matt De Lanoy’s recreation of the fictional Town of Springfield from The Simpsons will blow your mind. it includes iconic structures like the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, and even the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – complete with see through walls. LEARN MORE. [via]

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Timex Ironman One GPS+ Is A Smartwatch That doesn’t Need A Smartphone
Timex refers to the Ironman One GPS+ as a smartwatch, well, it is kind of a smartwatch, but it does not need a smartphone to get working. it has a 1.5″ sunlight viewable display, 3-day battery life, 4GB storage, built-in sensors to track your activity, and built-in GPS and 3G connectivity. $399.95. BUY.

Brass Compass and Clip Brass Compass and Clip Lets You Keep The Direction Very Close To You
sometime the simplest tool is the not only the most effective, but also the coolest. case in point: the Brass Compass and Clip. machined from solid brass, it has a handy brass clip for attaching it to anywhere you fancy. checking on direction does not necessary need to be too high-tech, isn’t it? made in U.S.A. $36. BUY.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Is Waterproof to 12,800 Feet
released to commemorate James Cameron’s first solo dive to the Mariana Trench and the US release of a film on the expedition, the D-Blue dial has a unique blue-to-black gradient dial and boast a helium escape valve for decompression and bright blue Chromalight luminescence for legibility in the darkest dark. LEARN MORE.

Acer B286HK UHD LED Monitor Acer Introduces 28-inch Ultra HD LED Display
Acer’s new B286HK has a lot to shout about. it offers 4K2K UHD resolution in a 28-inch format, boasting 6-axis color adjustment. it sits on an ergonomic stand that allows it to be tilted, swiveled, and pivoted. connectivity includes DVI, HDMI with MHL charging, DisplayPort, Mini DP and USB 3.0 hub. $599.99. LEARN MORE.

Philips 28-inch 4K LED Monitor …And Philips Also Have Its Own $600 28-inch 4K Monitor Too
another good news if you are in the market for a UHD monitor. Philips also has a 4K monitor priced (also) at $599.99 to vie for your money. and it also allows both landscape and portrait viewing modes, plus height adjustment. connectivity includes VGA, MHL, DVI, HDMI, and of course, DisplayPort. BUY.

The Waxed Anorak – Jacket For Unlikely Conditions

unlikely is defined as ‘not likely to happen’, but that does not mean it will not. when you are exploring the wild under the cover of the summer’s warm, it is unlikely to rain but it is never guaranteed, and for those unlikely conditions, there is the Waxed Anorak, a jacket designed for those ‘unlikely conditions’ – be it braving the Chilean rainforest or up against a storm in the open water. made in the USA from 6.25 oz. waxed cotton, the Waxed Anorak features an ergonomic three-piece hood that keeps the elements out from your head and neck, while a layer of moleskin provides comfort for your face. why? because when the going gets tough, it is time to make sure your pretty face braves through it unscathed and also, you don’t want to be breathing in fibers, do you? Continue reading The Waxed Anorak – Jacket For Unlikely Conditions

Hudsalve – The Swiss Army Knife of Lip Balm

even real men have crack lips, or have sore elbows and feet, but applying something on your manly lips need not to be a less than manly affair – if the lip balm in question is Hudsalve. billed as the Swiss Army knife of lip balm, the Hudsalve is actually more than just a manly lip palm. for starter, it does not come in cherry flavor or does it look anything like a lip balm that fits in your man purse i.e. it is not in pink. originally designed for the Danish and Swedish military in the 1950s, Hudsalve have since widespread adoption by various European armies, mountaineers and adventurers, offering protection beyond lips. it can be used on a variety of body parts (externally, obviously) that are susceptible to sore due to dryness, such as the face, hands, elbows and feet, and even for staving off frost bites and applying on minor wound. Continue reading Hudsalve – The Swiss Army Knife of Lip Balm

Toy Crossbow

who haven’t seen a toy crossbow? i guess most of us do, but one look, you know this Toy Crossbow from Best Made is not your regular child’s play. what? it is a toy? apparently, it is. which at this point, we should remind you not to bring this out to the street or you may just land yourself in a difficult position, trying to explain this is actually a suction cup dart shooting toy. i mean, it look so real, almost like a real-deal crossbow. instead of the usual plastic construction and foam darts, which are norms for toy weapons, this handsome Toy Crossbow features a stock crafted from beechwood and a manually tensioned steel spring bow that is both functional and realistic looking. Continue reading Toy Crossbow

The Embassy Tactical Pen

there are a lot of objects in life we yearned to be lighter, but not in the case of a pen. seriously, have you actually used a pen that’s virtually weightless? you can’t really get a kick out of writing with it, doesn’t it? well, if that’s case, you might need something that weighs as much as a roll of dimes and the The Embassy Tactical Pen is not only the writing instrument of such quality but it is also designed to be virtually indestructible. originally designed for government and military use, The Embassy Tactical Pen is crafted from high-grade stainless steel with internal threaded housing for secure closure between the lid and pen, as well as pen tip and the body and has a beautifully knurled body to ensure you will always have an awesome grip of this 3.83 oz (about 108 grams) tactical pen. as for the ink, it comes loaded with Fisher space pen refill (in black), which can be easily acquired if you run of ink. Continue reading The Embassy Tactical Pen

Best Made Front Loading Toolbox

another age-old problem being addressed and this time round by New York-based Best Made Company. Best Made wants to change how we access our toolbox forever. a typical toolbox requires the user to remove the top tray and set it somewhere before being able to access the bottom hold, but the Best Made Front Loading Toolbox’s front loading door design allows you to access all your tools without having to remove the top tray. this doesn’t really seems to matter if you don’t handle tools either at work or at home, but for someone like me who often mess around with tools and inevitably, the toolbox, this is definitely a huge leap in toolbox design. other features include heavy duty drop handles on the sides, and hand-made and hand-spot welded construction in Famous Red powder coating. the Best Made Front Loading Toolbox is up for pre-order now for $89 each with shipping expected to be from June 3, 2013. more look after the break. Continue reading Best Made Front Loading Toolbox

The Best Made Rigging Knife

The Best Made Rigging Knife
digging the old school sailing techniques? then we supposed crews slugging out after a night of booze overdosed and rope (or harness) cutting are part and parcel of life onboard of whatever boat you have. in that case, you might fancy this particularly handsome The Best Made Rigging Knife. you don’t need to believe in the legacy of maritime tradition to know that a good rigging knife is essential on any boat. it is useful for regular chores (less drunken stabbing, of course) and in some instances, it might be the tools you will need to save some souls. Continue reading The Best Made Rigging Knife