Best Made 2020 Axe Calendar

We hardly do calendar and when we do, the calendar in question have to be unique in design, usability or both. The Best Made 2020 Axe Calendar is such. Usability-wise, it just rudimentary, but what inspires the graphics is something axe lovers will want to take note.

Best Made 2020 Axe Calendar

The calendar features 12 unique illustrations, one for each month. Each illustration is inspired by Best Made Company hand-painted axe handles. Using a combination of screen printing and letterpress debossing, Best Made has achieved the perfect colors and texture, thus creating a vibrant and eye-catching way of tracking the changing months.

This calendar will be even more meaningful folks who have been collecting those axes from Best Made Company.

We do know when it will be available or how much it will sell for if it becomes available. If you like, you can learn more by following this LINK. And oh, it is made in the good’ol US of A.

Images: Best Made Company.