Good news, lazy bums. Here’s a smart duvet called, well, Smartduvet Breeze, that will eliminate one of your early morning agonies because it will make the bed. Isn’t it wonderful? Nobody loves to make the bed, especially when getting out bed in the morning is in itself a struggle for some. The magic behind this awesome invention is a network of air chambers that, when filled with air, unfolds or unroll the duvet and thus, the bed is made. But making bed is not the only thing it is good at; it also boasts individual climate control, so you and your the other half can have your very own preferred temperature when buried under the Smartduvet Breeze.

Though there’s something that some may feel odd. This duvet, like some climate control duvets out there, needs to be hook up to a device called Smartduvet control box. Apart from pumping air into the tubes, this set-top box-like device is also responsible for introducing either cool or warm air to each side of the duvet (through a different set of air channels). And this being 201x, everything has to be related to a smartphone app and Smartduvet Breeze is no exception. That said, the making bed part and the climate control to either side, are all executed through a simple app. With a couple of tap, you and your partner will be all set for la la land.

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Smartduvet Dual Zone Climate Controlled Self-making Bed
Here you see the network of air chambers that enable the magic to happen.

But… the thing is, this duvet wasn’t originally designed for lazy folks. It was originally conceived to help the inventor’s uncle, who is a wheelchair user, to eliminate the struggle of making bed. That is not to say you can’t use the Smartduvet. In fact, anyone who thinks they can benefit from this 21st century high-tech duvet are welcome acquire it. Speaking of which, Smartduvet Breeze is going at a special price of $179 and also, we are most definitely not affiliated to Smartduvet or whatsoever. And oh, it is available for a variety of bed sizes and so, if you are still living out of your parents’ basement, on a single bed, you are covered too. Not sure about beaten sofa, though.

Smartduvet Breeze is probably not for messy sleepers. I mean, if you are like me who tend to kick the duvet out of its orientation (ok, not all the time), then not even automatic bed making can help. It will still make the bed, but it won’t be hotel perfect. It will be in whatever position you have kicked it to. If you know what I mean. Skip ahead for the product video.

Smartduvet Dual Zone Climate Controlled Self-making Bed
Dual-zone climate control.
Smartduvet Dual Zone Climate Controlled Self-making Bed
The Smartduvet Control Box – the brain behind this awesome invention.
Smartduvet Dual Zone Climate Controlled Self-making Bed
The smartphone app that makes everything so unbelievable convenient.

Images: Smartduvet.

Smartduvet via Insider Design.

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