The concept of composting is not new and as much as some people would love to get onboard the composting movement, not everyone is ready, or have a backyard for a tent-size composter, or space for a trashcan size composter. This is where we think the ReGreen Tiny Compost Machine by designer Shihcheng Chen may have a market.

Made of metal and enhanced glass, ReGreen is an electric coffee grinder size composter that will suppress odors and prevent the breeding of bugs. The organic waste goes into the device through the top and a rotating arm lets you grind and pulverize the waste into tiny bits to promote quicker composting.

As composting progresses, water will drip out of the base while enzymes are introduced to help accelerate the composting process. With the aid of enzymes, it will take just weeks for organic waste to turn into nutrient rich dry compost, ready to fertilize your plants.

ReGreen Tiny Compost Machine by Shihcheng Chen

The ReGreen Tiny Compost Machine was a winner of the A’Design Award 2020. Unfortunately, though, it does not appear to have progressed beyond concept design since 2019.

Images: A’Design Award (Shihcheng Chen).

Source: Yanko Design.

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