What you see here are images of a rare yellow penguin. Wildlife photographer Yves Adams captured these images on a remote island in South Georgia. While the photographs were taken back in December 2019, Adams have only recently release the images.

Rare Yellow Penguin on South Georgia Island

Needless to say, it went viral soon after and as the photographer said it himself, the “phone hasn’t stopped ringing since then…” Adams described the capturing these images as “winning nature’s lottery.”

The penguin is a King Penguin and thanks to this rare yellow example, the King has finally snatched the spotlight from the usually more noted Emperor Penguins (remember Happy Feet?).

Rare Yellow Penguin on South Georgia Island

This was the only yellow penguin among the roughly 120,000 birds on the beach on that particular day. As to why this King Penguin is yellow, well, it is mostly speculative, since researchers and scientists have only seen the bird on photos and not actually observe the bird in person.

That said. It has been more than a year since the photos were taken and we wonder how is this rare, yellow King Penguin has been doing since. Also, I wonder if this lone yellow bird did suffer from discrimination? Hopefully the animal kingdom is not as discriminating as the human world. Just saying…

Anywho, if you in for theories why it caused the bird to become yellow, you can read up the entire article by Yasemin posted on Live Science.

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Images: Instagram (@yves_adams).

Source: Live Science.

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