Experts Have No Idea Why This King Penguin On South Georgia Island Is Yellow

What you see here are images of a rare yellow penguin. Wildlife photographer Yves Adams captured these images on a remote island in South Georgia. While the photographs were taken back in December 2019, Adams have only recently release the images.

Xiaomi Sent Its 108 MP Camera Sensor Into Space And These Are The Images That It Took

Xiaomi is really going all the way out to promote the imaging prowess of its 108 MP image sensor co-developed with Samsung. The sensor was equipped on the Mi 10 Pro which had a fleeting moment on the top of the DxOMark Mobile chart. It has now since been dethroned by Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Image: Troy Corser And Herbert Schwab Astride A BMW R 57 Kompressor At Goodwood Revival

An image showing Australian racing legend Troy Corser and Herbert Schwab riding on a BMW R 57 Kompressor to an overall win at the Barry Sheen Memorial Trophy at Goodwood Revival. The first race on that Saturday saw the duo coming in at third place after a false start, but on the second race on […]

Wildlife Photographer Captured An Eagle Tussle With A Fox Over A Rabbit

Just the other day, someone managed to capture the nature’s food chain in action and today, we read that another photographer has captured evidence of a battle raging between predators in the wild. Captured by wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi when photographing the non-native foxes in San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island […]

Nature’s Food Chain Caught In Action In This Epic Photograph

In what-could-be-a once-in-a-lifetime shot, Florida-based fine-art nature photographer known by the name Doc Jon captured a still image showing a food chain unfolding before him. The photograph in question managed to immortalize an osprey that had a small shark secured firmly to its talons. All seems fairly normal, but that was until Jon zoomed in […]

First It Was Dress Color. Now, The Internet Debates On Number Of Girls

Thanks to the Internet, debating is an everyday affair. Not too long ago, the Interweb argued about the color of a seemingly unassuming dress and today, people are throwing their two cents about how many girls are there in the above photo entitled “Same but different.” This photo was posted by photographer Tiziana Vergari as […]

BMW Art Car Collection [Books]

this one goes out to all car enthusiasts and art buffs alike. for 40 years, BMW has been inviting renowned artists to artistically spruce up a variety of BMW cars, resulting in what is known today as the BMW Art Cars. the history of BMW Art Car dates back to 1975 when Alexander Calder…

Luxe-up Star Wars – V3PO Louis Vuitton and Coco Vader

New York-based photographer Dale May, who is best known for his commercial photography of celebrity portraits and print ads, has taken a slightly different route this time round with the…