How Many Girls Do You See In This Picture?

Thanks to the Internet, debating is an everyday affair. Not too long ago, the Interweb argued about the color of a seemingly unassuming dress and today, people are throwing their two cents about how many girls are there in the above photo entitled “Same but different.” This photo was posted by photographer Tiziana Vergari as part of Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project with the topic on identity. At a glance, the image looks like girls sitting in an seemingly infinite row, but if you look closely, you will the row is not what it seems to be and so was the number of girls. You know, the wonderful thing about Internet is, you get to hear all sort of different answers and even theories that open our minds to the world of differing perceptions.

Same but different by Tiziana Vergari
How Many Girls Do You See In This Picture?

Some says there are four girls, while some, apparently took the pain to count, said twelve. There was a theory based on the bracelet one of the girl wear, pointing out that there must be four girls since the other supposed reflection does not spot the same bracelet. Well, ermmm, about that, it is definitely not Sherlock Holmes approved. But the truth is, there were only two girls (as confirmed by the photographer herself). The illusion was a result of two mirrors placed opposite sides of the seated girls. If you ever explored with two mirrors facing each other, you will know such set up will result in infinite reflections. So all Tiziana has to do was to make sure she and her camera is out of the shot. Pretty cool, right? So, what about you? How many girls did you guessed?

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Image courtesy by Tiziana Vergari.

Instagram via Yahoo!