I do not worship Apple, but I do respect the company’s attention to details. Some details may appear to be rather useless, but it is a nod to the company’s core strength: branding and marketing.

That said, here are 6 interesting details on an Apple iPhone (or more correctly, iOS) that may not have noticed.

Apple Maps Icon

6 Hidden Details On Apple iPhone iOs
Credit: Mikeshouts/By Arne Müseler, CC BY-SA 3.0 de

The partial map that appear on the icon of Apple Maps is actually the location of Apple Campus at 10955 N Tantau Ave, Cupertino in California. The white ring would be main Apple building and the road running vertically would be N Wolfe Road.

Voice Memo

6 Hidden Details On An Apple iPhone

The waveform that appeared on the Voice Memo icon is not any random waveform. It is the waveform of the pronunciation of ‘Apple’. I tried it. The waveform did not turn out exactly as the icon’s. But it is similar. In this regards, I suspect, I suspect that waveform is ‘Apple’ from the mouth of a specific person since each person has varying tone. Perhaps, it was Jobs’ or Cook’s or maybe Jony Ive’s?


6 Hidden Details On Apple iPhone iOs
Credit: Mikeshouts/Albert Watson.

The glasses icon of the reading list icon in Safari is a homage to Steve Jobs’ round eyewear. The same icon is also found on the desktop Safari on macOS.

Flashlight Icon

The Flashlight Icon will change in color when it is turned on and off. The same will happen for the flashlight icon on the lock screen.

Safari Icon

6 Hidden Details On An Apple iPhone

The compass on the Safari icon was in the past, angled at 45-degree and have since changed to 50-degree because, the geomagnetic North Pole has been shifting to the North.

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iPhone logo on startup

6 Hidden Details On An Apple iPhone

Light color iPhone startup with have a black Apple logo against a white background while black iPhone startup has a white Apple logo against a black background

Images: Mikeshouts/iphonetdd.

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