Beer pong is a party game that takes quite some space – a table that usually a party never had (like, you know, some drunk will be sprawling across it). Even if you had a table, more often than not, the game will result in a mess by the way of spilled beer.

Not that you won’t get spilled beer and stuff (read: pukes) elsewhere in the house. But that’s not the point. The point is having the same fun without taking up space and creating a mess. And Free Pong from Zootility is exactly that: the same fun, with little no placement space and no spill beverage (no guarantee of no pukes, though).

Free Pong is kind of like a marriage between beer pong and darts. Instead of a table, it is wall mounted. A wooden board and removable cup holders form the game board. Set it up, place some cups with liquid, and you are all set.

Free Pong Wall-mounted Beer Pong

If you ask me. It is exactly like beer pong, but played vertically. It is actually a brilliant concept which, surprisingly, hasn’t gain more traction on Kickstarter. Oh, right. The pandemic…

Anyhoo… The household still can get on with a game of wall-mounted beer pong, can’t they? Besides, everything has an end and it cannot hurt to be ready for the day when we can mingle like post 2020.

Free Pong Wall-mounted Beer Pong

We think it deserve more attention and hence, the mention here.

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If you are down, you may want to consider helping Zootility achieve the goal. A pledge of US$29 or more will secure you a set. Well, that’s provided the campaign meets the funding goal which is a modest US$5K (it is almost there!). If all goes as planned, i.e. it gets funded before the campaign ends, expect to see delivery sometime in June 2021.

Free Pong Wall-mounted Beer Pong

All images courtesy of Zootility.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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