there are many travel bags to go around. mostly just look good, but doesn’t work well, or works pretty well, but looks less than desirable. well, the ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal just happen to be both practical and looking handsome at the same time. a rarity, if you ask us. when it comes to ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal, it is all about traveling, about getting in to your flight and out in the quickest time and frustration-free whenever you need to retrieve something from anywhere inside the bag. it makes traveling a joy right from the start; from the moment you start packing to the traveling to unpacking.

the bag opens up completely for a frustration-free lie-flat packing (and unpacking) and when you are all packed and traveling, the full-length zips offer you instant access to your stuff, regardless of where they are in the bag. a dedicated ‘small items’ compartment let you further organize your small travel essentials such as cards, phone, passport, pens and the likes for quick access whenever you need them and for gadget road warrior, you’d be glad to know your laptop will be stay safe in a separate, protected compartment that’s lockable and easily accessible from the side. and when you need to be at a suit-and-tie meeting, just zip away those straps and convert the bag into a classy duffel-style bag that won’t sticks out like a sore thumb in the boardroom. and to prove its dedication to traveling, the ProTravel Carry-on Bag comes with seam-sealed rain cover to keep it nice and dry during those bad weathers.

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you can pre-order the ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal for $229 through Minaal’s Kickstarter campaign page ($214 if you are fast enough). expect delivery to be in April 2014. check out a pitch video below to learn more.

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