it used to be, a party at the beach or anywhere outside of your pad can be achieved by a boombox over your shoulder and a couple of mix tapes. that was when Flash Dance was a hit and before college kids started huddling into giant speakers-rigged house. well, it looks like the tide is going to change again, but this time boombox and mix tapes aren’t in the equation – in their place would be this sleek Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System introduced at the recent IFA. the M1X-DJ is a DJ controller and a sound system rolled into one, offering features like Apple Lightning connector, Bluetooth connectivity, supports for Alogriddim djay 2 app, 80 watts of power output, and most importantly, an integrated DJ controller for mixing and scratching your mixes with two professional-grade platters, complete with cross faders and controls.

you can choose to stream your favorite playlist to the system via Bluetooth, or get down to the some real DJay-ing with djay 2 app. obviously, the one other star feature would be its portability – it need not be tethered to a power outlet; the M1X-DJ can be powered by D cell batteries that will provide up to five hours of rocking party, which also means your party could be anywhere you fancy – the beach, the park or the street. the choice is yours. the Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System will hit the stores this November for €399.95 (about US$535). iPad and awesome DJ app are sold separately, obviously. hit the jump for a few more product look.

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