With The Kensington StudioDock, You Can Kind Of Turn An iPad Pro Into A Mini iMac

The Kensington StudioDock iPad Docking Station is, in many ways, like the Apple Pro Stand, including having a beautiful and functional design that integrates seamlessly with your iPad Pro 11”, iPad Air or iPad Pro 12.9”, and a pretty steep asking price of US$399.99.

JUICE On-wall Dock For iPad

gadgets such as iPad are very much part of our lives today and there are no reasons why it shouldn’t be part of our home. it should be like our house keys, always there so we can grab-and-go when we head out and when it is not going anywhere, it should have a place to nest and recharge.

Bluelounge Sanctuary4

when you have one device too many, you probably need something to organize them as oppose to having them on the different wall outlets around your pad and the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 would be an ideal piece of accessory to bring them all together. so if you have a tablet and a couple of phones

Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System

it used to be, a party at the beach or anywhere outside of your pad can be achieved by a boombox over your shoulder and a couple of mix tapes. that was when Flash Dance was a hit and before college kids started huddling into giant speakers-rigged house. well, it looks like the tide is going to change again

Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

if your love for arts is as strong as your love for technology, then we thought the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station might be of an interest to you. instead of the usual docking station, the Venus of Cupertino offers you a lady of of curvaceous form (read: plus size) that will dutifully hold on to any second, third, or fourth generation iPad.

iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs

to be honest, we think The OC Dock is the best iPhone Dock money can buy ever, but the practical side of us begs the question: what if we want to charge and sync older iPhone and iPod, or even an iPad? rather than exploring ways around it, you might just want to go with the iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs. though the objective

iRock Rocking Chair

admit it: you do love to laze on a rocking chair while you surf or read with your iPad all day, don’t you? however, you gram’s rocking chair wouldn’t suit a geek like you. what you need is the iRock Rocking Chair, a rocking chair that generates power to charged up your iPad while you rock away, ensuring that the pad is constantly juiced for the long rocking day ahead. the chair…

ION Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker

to be honest, we have once dreamed of owning a jukebox, well, may be not all of us but anyway, that dream was sort of crush when we knew that it would take thousands of dollars of hard earned money away from us and CD ain’t or vinyl ain’t popular anymore. gosh and we are thankful for that else, we are not sure if we could handle that many CDs and not getting…