to be honest, we think The OC Dock is the best iPhone Dock money can buy ever, but the practical side of us begs the question: what if we want to charge and sync older iPhone and iPod, or even an iPad? rather than exploring ways around it, you might just want to go with the iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs. though the objective is the same (i.e. to dock your iDevices), the Wiplabs concept is a slightly different ball game: the dock is essentially a metal block that has no built-in docking pin; instead it has purposed cut slots to accommodate that the standard Apple Lightning or 30-pin connector, so that you can use it with any generation of iPhone or iPod – even the good’ol iPod Classic. in short, you get one dock that will have both your old and new iDevices covered. with the cable in place, the dock also doubles as a cable stay, making sure that you cable don’t fall off the desk when it isn’t connected to your device.

Wiplabs is offering four versions of the iDockAll to meet the needs of different users. kicking off the range is the iDockAll that works with all iPhone and iPod, regardless the type of connectors. the iDockAll Lightning is, as its name suggests, for iPhone and iPod with Lightning connector and then there are the ‘plus’ versions, two of them actually, one caters to all Apple small devices (iPad included) with Lightning connector, and one that also works across all Apple small devices irregardless of which types of connector. the docks are CNC machined out of a single block of aluminum, anodized and sandblasted to match your other Apple devices, though we can’t say the same for the ‘grey’ variety. the iDockAll is yet another Kickstarter project and yes, it is asking for your money to help fund the project. therefore to secure yourself one, all you have to do is to make a pledge of $49 or more for the basic iDockAll variant. but for now, there are some slots allocated for ‘Early Bird’ going at just $39. if you are looking at the ‘plus’ versions, expect them to set you back at $65 each. no ‘Early Bird’ special for these guys, though.

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