if you are an obsessively tidy person and an Apple (products) user, then our bet is, you haven’t own an iPhone dock because there isn’t any that could make your desktop any less clutter. but that would have changed if you had met The OCDock earlier. The OCDock was an overwhelmingly funded project on Kickstarter (successfully funded late last year) and for good reasons. crafted from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum, each dock is glass bead blasted and anodized to perfectly match your iMac or Apple Displays, and the fact that it appears to function without any cables, makes it looks like it is part of your Apple machine. but then, where is the cable? that, my friend, is another beauty of this dock: it still has a cable, but one that is paper thin, measuring a mere 0.18mm or 0.007″ thin, that runs under the base of your iMac and back up into one of the USB ports at the back.

The OCDock attaches to your iMac or Apple Display with super strong reusable adhesive tape, which offers two key benefits: first, it won’t be knock over and second, you can dock and undock your iPhone 5 single-handedly. the latter is a virtue that most docks can’t promised. all told, the OCDock is not just a beautiful, functional product. it is also a product that reminds us of why we chose Apple to be part of our gadget life and to that end, we think the OCDock totally exemplified the design ethos that Apple was founded on. the The OCDock is available in two flavors: The OCDock and The OCDock Mini. the former works with iPhone even with case on, while the latter is designed to fit naked iPhones or with ultra slim cases or back covers. though the Kickstarter project is well over, you can still get this stunning iPhone Dock for $79.99 a pop via BiteMyApple.

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