The OCDock – iPhone Dock for iMac and Apple Displays

if you are an obsessively tidy person and an Apple (products) user, then our bet is, you haven’t own an iPhone dock because there isn’t any that could make your desktop any less clutter. but that would have changed if you had met The OCDock earlier. The OCDock was an overwhelmingly funded project on Kickstarter

STATION Desktop Organizer

if accessing your smartphone and other nitty gritty stuff from your desk has become a treasure hunt rather then a grab-and-go affair, then the STATION Desktop Organizer might just be the accessory you will need. carved out from a single piece of bamboo, a highly sustainable natural material, the STATION is a minimalist

Tiltpod Mobile Articulating Stand for iPhone 5

trying to self portrait alone is next to impossible without sacrificing the background. we know. we have all been there. the Tiltpod Mobile Articulating Stand for iPhone 5 is a nifty solution that will eliminate this smartphone-old woe. this tiny contraption features a quick-connect magnetic ball pivot