trying to self portrait alone is next to impossible without sacrificing the background. we know. we have all been there. the Tiltpod Mobile Articulating Stand for iPhone 5 is a nifty solution that will eliminate this smartphone-old woe. this tiny contraption features a quick-connect magnetic ball pivot that provide an instant hold in just about any conceivable angle or direction and a generously-sized hole, along with the included keyring allows it to doubles as a keychain so that it will always be with you. of course, that’s assuming that you do have keys, but that’s beside the point. the nickel-plated magnetic pivot facilitates the angle adjustable while the non-skid, grippy base keep the tiltpod and the attached iPhone securely on nearly any surface – rocks, included. the strong magnetic pivot works with or without the included iPhone 5 case. for the price your typically pays for an iPhone case, you will get the Tiltpod Mobile Articulating Stand for iPhone 5 with both the keyring and the protective case bundled with it, which is a quite a bargain if you ask us. of course, the use for the Tiltpod is not limited to iPhonegraphy, for it can be also be handy device for watching movies and FaceTime sessions. no brainer, actually. you can get yours for just $29.99 via, or from Tiltpod official website. go check it out if you agree that taking self pics with most of the background cut off is a really bad idea. more so now that we have awesome photo-to-canvas print services that promises impeccable print for your work of art.

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