ever wished that you could turn those breathtaking stills taken with your iPhone into huge canvas prints that you can proudly display in your living? with the free Pixuru Photo-To-Canvas iPhone app, you can. to prove the point, the company has turned an iPhone 5 photo of the Chicago Merchandise Mart into a beautiful 25-foot (7.6 meters) wide canvas print and in the process, claimed the title of the world’s largest print from a smartphone. the app itself is totally free and is available now for iPhone with Android version to arrive this summer. though, obviously you will have to pay for the prints if you decide to order one. getting the print you desire is simple: with the app launched, take a picture or choose one from Instagram or Facebook, then select the product you fancy from a choice of canvas, metal, wood, or framed prints, and submit your order. the magic of the app is, it lets you simulate the size and style on a wall background so you will have a rough idea how your print will turn out. according to the firm, Pixuru (pronounced as pix-eww-roo) uses a patent-pending printing process that is said to be capable of producing prints the size of a couch and yet still maintaining the integrity of the picture. additionally, if you choose to go with canvas, metal, or wood material, you will have the option of splitting the one image into a three- or four-panel print. prices for Pixuru photo to canvas print service starts from $20 for a 6″ x 6″ print and runs up to $129 for a large size 40″ x 10″ item. the firm is also accepting custom orders, which can be requested via Pixuru website.

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