No.66 Studios is a company that marries tech toy with STEM and the EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys is its latest. In a nutshell, the EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys is like a perfect marriage between LEGO Mindstorms and Nintendo Labo.

With the EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys, it lets kids build different models, including cobbling together their very own functional game console. It is a 3-in-1 game kit that lets children play music games, FPS games, as well as arcade game with rigs they have built themselves. There’s an interactive motion-sensing kit too, allowing for even more interactive gaming experience.

EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys

This official description couldn’t have summed it up better:

“EnigmaBot is an incredibly unique learning toy perfect for creative kids. By following the easy step-by-step 3D animation instructions, children can build EnigmaBot from scratch into 3 different modules: arcade, violin and mini-gun. Each build is unique in its own way and has different functions. The possibilities are endless!”

EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys

If you are keen, you can secure a set of kits from Kickstarter by pledging for a product for 767 Hong Kong dollars (about US$99) or more. P.S. we dig the idea of building mini-gun for a fun shooting game!

EnigmaBot Creative Building Toys

Images: No.66 Studios.

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