You know Nike Benassi Slides? Of course you do. Nike Benassi Slides is basically a fancy slippers with a fancy name. And I believe you are familiar with fanny pack, AKA waist pouch/bag, too. Well, I am sure we all do. Now, imagine this two summer must-have products bearing a lovechild. Hard to imagine, right? Here, let me help you out: the lovechild would be the Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides. If you have picked up the hints from the product name, you would have understand that it is a pair of slippers on your waist. Nah. Not exactly, it is actually fanny pack on your feet.

Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides

What makes the Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides so cool and weird all at the same time is, in place of the regular strap on each slipper is a small zippered pouch as the strap which allows you to carry small EDC on your feet. So, great. Now, you will have a place for your keys and perhaps some change or whatnot when you hit the beach. But unlike the ArchPort YogiStash and SlotFlops, Nike is not being discreet at all. Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides basically put it all out there that this pair of Benassi Slides can store something. Then again, who would have imagined that a slipper could store anything at all, right? TBH, the fanny pack looks decorative more than anything.

No words on the pricing and neither is the availability known, but I am pretty sure it will be in time for summer in stateside. Meanwhile, immerse yourself with a handful of images of this strangely weird and wonderful contraption we have with this post.

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Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides

Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides

Nike Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides

Images and source: Highsnobiety.

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