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HEX Unveils Coca-Cola Sneaker Bags Featuring An All-new Fanny Pack

Rejoice! Fans of Coca-Cola. Fashion accessory brand HEX has unveiled a three-piece capsule in collaboration with Coca-Cola. In this 3-piece collection, you will find Coca-Cola branding on sneaker-centric bags, namely, Sneaker Duffel, Sneaker Backpack, and an all-new Sneaker Sling. Each bag features mixed materials exterior in Coca-Cola signature red and white color scheme and on the inside, the lining is in Coca-Cola Georgia green with Coke bottle graphic. Continue reading HEX Unveils Coca-Cola Sneaker Bags Featuring An All-new Fanny Pack

Dadbag Adds Dad’s Beer Belly To Your Waist Without Actually Having One

I am not aware of any man who harbors the secret desire to have a beer belly, AKA dad bod. I mean, seriously, no man would want an oversized belly that looks like they are three months pregnant. However, in some rare instances, there are man folks who sought out this alternative look, but if you happen to be one of those odd balls, well then, the good news is, the Dadbag is here to help. Conceived by one Albert Pukies, the Dadbag is “made for people who want a Dad bod without eating junk food,” or perhaps, for those who simply love a dash of quirkiness in their life. Continue reading Dadbag Adds Dad’s Beer Belly To Your Waist Without Actually Having One

Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt

Batman, in his frictional fantasy world, has his trusty, contain-all utility belt, but in a real life, everyday folks like us do not have such a luxury. the least we could have, and we dare say the closest thing we can get to that magical contraption, is probably the Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt. granted that it looks nothing like what the Cape Crusader has, but still it is an utility belt nonetheless. drawing its inspiration from the WWII utility belts, Chrome Industries set out to create a small bag that could take all your small essentials while being 100 percent waterproof. in case you do have both wet and dry cargos, it has a dual waterproof zippered compartments to keep them separated. quick access is the name of the game, and thus, an external pocket suitable for your phone ensures you have swift access to your handset even while you are pedaling away. Continue reading Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt

Rotation 180° Photo Backpack

MindShift Rotation 180° Photo Backpack
Rotation 180° Photo Backpack | from US$389.00 | www.mindshiftgear.com

say, you were trekking in the wild and suddenly the mythical bigfoot crosses your path – you wanted capture in picture but your prized DSLR is nesting in your backpack. so, you set down your backpack and draws out your camera and by then mr. footy had long gone. does the scenario sounds eerily familiar to you? however, this scenario might just be a thing of the past with the MindShift Rotation 180° Photo Backpack. on the outside, the 180 looks to be yet another backpack but upon closer examination, it is way more than that. Continue reading Rotation 180° Photo Backpack

Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Bags Collection

Hard Graft Campfire Collection 900x600px
(credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Square1 Holdall (€499) / Personal Pouch (€179) / DOPP Kit (€149) | www.hardgraft.com

there exist some man folks who have the penchant for stylish bags (let’s put the prices aside for now), and not surprisingly, i happen to be one of them. so naturally, when Hard Graft drops us an email regarding their new collection, Driftwood and Campfire, i immediately sit up and take notice – intently. each collection includes a stuff-everything-in bag (Square1 Holdall), a sling/waist pouch (Personal Pouch) and a toiletry bag, also known washbag (DOPP Kit). so what’s the difference between Driftwood and Campfire, i hear you ask? basically, they are the same, except for the color. the Driftwood is mainly compose of grey exterior and tanned interior, while the Campfire has brown and black for the exterior and interior, respectively. Continue reading Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Bags Collection