How many times have you hit the pool or the beach alone and never stop worrying about your belongings getting snitched? I know I do all the time. It sucks that some of these places do not have lockers, or have lockers that are located miles away (which you might as well leave your belongings at home, really). Enters Angle Bag. A fanny pack, AKA waist bag waist pouch, that gets rid of this nagging worry. Mind you, this isn’t just any waterproof bag; it is intentionally designed to be angled so it will create as little resistant as possible when you swim.

Angle Bag Waterproof Beach Swimming Waist Bag

Besides it is functional intent, an angular fanny pack does look kind of rad, don’t you think? It has been a while I have seen a waist bag that stands out in such a fabulous way. I am even trying to pretend it is because, the truth is, it does look awesome. Key highlights include ultra lightweight Ventiprene breathable neoprene and ripstop nylon construction, YKK watertight zipper, adjustable and stretchable waist strap, and a smart organization interior with quick access pockets, removable glasses case, and a dedicated cell phone pocket that boasts extra protection.

Angle Bag Waterproof Beach Swimming Waist Bag

Apart from swimming, at the pool or at the sea, Angle Bag is also great for other adventures, including snorkeling, hiking, mountain biking, or if you so chose to, to the clubs too. Although I would rather not bring it to the latter. But hey, it’s individual choices.

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Angle Bag Waterproof Beach Swimming Waist Bag

If you are smitten by the Angle Bag, you may want to pick it up from the product’s Kickstarter page where a pledge of $40 or more will secure you one. The campaign is funded and so, if you make a pledge for an Angle Bag, you are indeed pre-ordering it. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in August 2018. And oh, shipping is free for the U.S.

Angle Bag Waterproof Beach Swimming Waist Bag

Angle Bag Waterproof Beach Swimming Waist Bag

Images: Angle Bag.

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