IKEA x WSL KÅSEBERGA Collection: Surf Culture-inspired Products

Back in 2019, IKEA and World Surf League (WSL) announced a collaboration. Fast forward to 2022, IKEA and WSL are ready to bring the resulting products of the collaboration to the market.

The Back9 Golf Backpack: You Can Finally have A Golf Bag That Is Actually A Backpack!

One of the issues with golfing is that you need a car with a trunk big enough to fit a standard size golf bag. One of my previous cars, a Renault Clio from 2000, can’t without putting down the split-fold seat. But that’s a problem to brood about if you drive. If you don’t (drive), …

Bridgestone Golf Is Set To Launch Water-repellent Golf Balls

It may come as a surprised to some people that golf balls aren’t actually waterproof. That’s right, folks. While the iconic dimple-covered urethane (or Surlyn or both) cover of a golf appears to be seamless to the naked eyes, it will not stop water from getting into into the inside entirely. This means, at some …

5 Factors To Consider While Buying Roller Hockey Skates

Are you looking to buy roller skates? Many first-time buyers often buy the wrong size or choose roller skates that do not last long. Choosing the right pair of roller hockey skates can be confusing, especially if you buy them for the first time. That’s why it’s essential to have the correct information before buying …

Unlike Tiffany’s, Prada Basketball Is Probably Not For The Court

Yes. You read that right. Prada is now selling basketball too. However, unlike Tiffany’s, which is co-branded with Spalding, this is Prada’s very own basketball and also, it is probably not for the court. We heard it is more of a display piece and it probably is.

Zoa PL1 Portable Rope Tow System Is Your Personal Ski Lift For Backcountry Skiing

Skiing or snowboarding downhill is fun but hiking up to repeat the downhill journey is not. If you are at a ski resort, all are good because there are ski lifts to take the legwork out of scaling the mountain. But outside of that, such as in the backcountry, you are pretty much on your …

Callaway Golf Introduces New Rogue Family Of Golf Clubs

For the longest time Big Bertha has been synonymous with Callaway Golf drivers and some said, fairway woods while Apex has been the name associated with pro-grade irons. But now, there is a new name for all those and it is called Rogue. I believe this is the first time that Callaway Golf has everything …

Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop Sets Up In 30 Minutes (Or Less)

Ever wanted to be able to bring your basketball hoop around? Well, if yes, then you are in luck because there is the Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop. Technically, most portable basketball hoops can be brought to wherever you need them, but the Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly is not a typical basketball hoop.

Rare Louis Vuitton x Karl Lagerfeld Boxing Gloves and Case From 2014 Is Going Under The Hammer Now

Do you know that Louis Vuitton once had a set of monogram boxing gloves? It did, in 2014. To celebrate the Parisian fashion house 160th anniversary, it collaborated with six artists and designers in 2014 to redefine its iconic monogram.