Archery is a fun sport. However, not only it is an expensive sport but there is some risk to it. That’s not to mention that getting to the archery range can be an inconvenience for many. Enters WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery. The WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery is exactly what it says it is.

WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery

WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery lets you experience the joy of archery without paying through your nose and it is a lot less risky than the real thing since there are no real arrows involved.

Plus, you can do so in the comfort of your home. And no, do not need a backyard with a zip range kit. You do it right in your living, in front of your TV.

Wait, what? How’s archery, archery without arrows and in front of a TV, you asked? Well, that’s because the WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery is part video game. OK. Maybe it is all video game.

WONDER FITTER is a smart virtual archery that uses an authentic bow and arrow (that does not actually fly off the bow), along with a companion app that you cast to your TV, to simulate the archery experience.

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WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery

Like real archery, you’d experience the tactile experience of shooting and consequently tone your muscle and sharpen your mental focus. It is compatible with a real bow if you have one.

TBH, we cannot say if it works like the real thing since we have not tried it ourselves. We will let you be the judge of it. You can start first by picking up more details off the WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery’s Kickstarter page where it is being crowdfunded.

Speaking of which, if you are down, you can also pledge for a product for 1,710 Hong Kong dollars or more (about US$220).

Not surprisingly, though, the reception for the campaign is pretty overwhelming. It has 26 days to go but it is already over 1,000% funded. As always, this is a crowdfunded product, so you do need to understand the risks involved.

WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery

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