The Zip Range Kit can turn your backyard into a 100-foot shooting range – if you have that kind of space – complete with a target retrieval system powered by your own battery-powered drill.

Zip Range Kit by Zip Targets

That’s right, folks. It is like the indoor range, but set up outdoor, in your backyard, woods, or wherever. And it is totally mobile because can be dismantled and bring it to wherever you need it to be.

Before you guys start raising your pitchforks and scream in horror that you can have a shooting range right in your backyard, you ought to know that this mobile shooting range is not just for real firearms. It is good for other shooting sports like air rifles, archery, paintball, airsoft, slingshots, blowguns, NERF, and more. Basically, it is good for anything that shoots.

Zip Range Kit by Zip Targets

The kit comes with everything you need to set up an outdoor range with a retrieval system, including a 200 feet long 550 military-grade paracord that can make a 100-ft range.

It comes with a target hanger that can accommodate different types of targets, from paper to clay discs to steel gun targets.

Zip Range Kit by Zip Targets

If anyone’s interested, the Zip Range Kit by Zip Targets can be had for US$149 from

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All images courtesy of Zip Targets.

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