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Slingshot With Tactical Keychain Is Worthy As Part Of Any Survival Gear

If you think shooting stuff is part of your camping experience, than you are going to love the TUKKSHOT EDC Slingshot by Full Throttle Engineering. This CNC machined pocket-friendly slingshot is designed to accomodate the outfit’s Tactical Keychains, TUKK. Crafted from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and coated with a polymer-ceramic composite for enhanced durability, TUKKSHOT is paired to a Trumark RR-T tapered slingshot band for the optimal performance. Though it can also be used with any off-the-shelf 5/16” O.D. band. Continue reading Slingshot With Tactical Keychain Is Worthy As Part Of Any Survival Gear

Brnly SlingPop Combines Men’s Love for SlingShot and Bottle Opener into One Cool Package

As a child, slingshot is a boy’s toy of choice for mischief or whatnot (think Dennis the Menace) and as grown ups, bottle opener is a man’s best friend. Burnley Design combines this two loves from two obligatory phases of a male being and reimagined into a handsome device called SlingPop, a slingshot that pops bottle. Precision CNC machined from 6061-T1 aluminum, SlingPop is both lightweight and strong for duties as a handy slingshot and as a bottle opener. It uses a tube band, secured to the Y form with metal BBs and has an integrated cold one popper. Continue reading Brnly SlingPop Combines Men’s Love for SlingShot and Bottle Opener into One Cool Package

Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light

while the threat of apocalypse might be behind us, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to keep yourself prepped for any unforeseen situations and speaking of keeping yourself prepared, if you haven’t score a weapon yet (that’s if you area of resident allows…), then we would highly recommend that you check out the Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light. it probably can’t maim zombies like a 12-gauge would, but it should serve as a handy hunting tool for bagging fishes and small games to fill your growling stomach in time of needs. this modern iteration of slingshot includes a folding whistler biscuit for shooting full-size arrows, propelled using the same 25 lbs pull band that launches the regular slingshot ammunition. Continue reading Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light

GloveShot Slingshot

GloveShot Slingshot
GloveShot Slingshot | US$189.95 | www.montiegear.com

who haven’t fiddled with a slingshot in their childhood? we are guessing, most of us did (as to what you did with it, we wouldn’t want to delve into it). as you may have witnessed across the Internet, slingshot has evolved quite significantly and is being enjoyed by growth up too, albeit those growth up’s rig are a whole lot more sophisticated and some even potentially lethal. the GloveShot Slingshot you see here may be a non-lethal one but it is still a weapon which should pack quite a punch but one thing that dig about this slingshot is its uber cool look. Continue reading GloveShot Slingshot

Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers

Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers
Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers | from US$14.99 | www.hyper-pet.com

we love dogs. they keep us company, entertained and help keep unwanted visitors out of our ground. they always carry out their duties without fail and complain (oh wait, they can’t complain, can they?), so it is time that we do something for them. no. not the dog glooming sessions. by something we mean something that would keep them occupied without bugging us for a minute or so. so we play fetch. we throw something and the dog brings it back but that usually ended not quite as we have imagined: the dog is back before you know it and sometimes, with the ball so slimy that we wouldn’t want to touch it. Continue reading Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launchers

Angry Birds USB Slingshot

Angry Birds USB Slingshot
(photos: mbed) Angry Birds USB Slingshot | US$na | www.mbed.org

with 300 million minutes played a day, Angry Birds success is no small feat and hence, it is high time for the game to get a little more ‘interactive’. we are familiar with gaming accessories like steering wheels, gun attachment and the likes but for Angry Birds, it calls for a good slingshot to do the job. unfortunately, there is none in the market that money can buy but if you have hands of a carpenter and a programmer at the same time, you probably can make one yourself by following the documentation as laid out on mbed. dubbed as the Angry Birds USB Slingshot, this essential gaming peripheral for any die-hard Angry Birds fanatics uses accelerometer to determine the tilt of the slingshot and a rubber stretch sensor to measure how much the rubber is being stretched. Continue reading Angry Birds USB Slingshot

50 Foot Snowball Launcher and Snowball Slingshot

The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher 900x600px
(image: Hammacher) The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher (US$$29.95) / The Snowball Slingshot ($39.95) | www. hammacher.com

for countries that get to experience snow falls around this time of the year, it means fun time for kids. apart from snow sleds and lugging snowballs at each other, there is actually a more fun way to enjoy the inevitable snow season such as blasting snowballs or perhaps, turning the snowballs into a slingshot ammo. meet the 50 Foot Snowball Launcher and The Snowball Slingshot, the ultimate weapons for your snowball shoot out. the former makes snowball war a faster pace affair with its snowball forming chambers that can quickly turn out three softball-sized snowballs, ready for your snowball confrontation. a slingshot mechanism, powered by elastomers, launches the snowball up to 50-feet – one at a time. The Snowball Slingshot, on the other hand, has a longer range of 60-feet, thanks to its medical-grade elastic tubing slingshot mechanism. Continue reading 50 Foot Snowball Launcher and Snowball Slingshot