Pocket Shot Adds Camo Edition And Whisker Biscuit Cap For Archery

Things change as human progresses. With that said, do you think slingshot will remain the Y-shape form you are familiar with as we move into the future? Probably, but it is likely to be more advanced like laser-equipped example we have seen previously, or we would be using a whole new type of slingshot like […]

Nature Launchers Made Slingshot Aesthetically Fun With Carved Animals

Personally, I don’t encourage kids to mess with slingshots. Slingshots are actually quite dangerous if handled irresponsibly. However, that does not stop us, grown ups, from having fun with it. The hardware itself is fun, but it hardly look ‘fun’, but that’s not the case with Nature Launchers Hand-carved Wooden Slingshots. Each Nature Launchers Hand-carved […]

Slingshot With Laser Aiming Is Cool, But Try Not To Knock The Laser Out

I have an idea for a better aim with slingshot. Mind you. When we talked about slingshot, we are not talking about the Y-shaped contraption fashioned out of a branch of a tree. Definitely not those used by Dennis the Menace, or Bart Simpson. We are talking about metal projectile shooting contraption worthy of a […]

Slingshot With Tactical Keychain Is Worthy As Part Of Any Survival Gear

If you think shooting stuff is part of your camping experience, than you are going to love the TUKKSHOT EDC Slingshot by Full Throttle Engineering. This CNC machined pocket-friendly slingshot is designed to accomodate the outfit’s Tactical Keychains, TUKK. Crafted from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and coated with a polymer-ceramic composite for enhanced durability, TUKKSHOT is […]

Brnly SlingPop Combines Men’s Love for SlingShot and Bottle Opener into One Cool Package

As a child, slingshot is a boy’s toy of choice for mischief or whatnot (think Dennis the Menace) and as grown ups, bottle opener is a man’s best friend. Burnley Design combines this two loves from two obligatory phases of a male being and reimagined into a handsome device called SlingPop, a slingshot that pops […]

Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light

while the threat of apocalypse might be behind us, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to keep yourself prepped for any unforeseen situations and speaking of which, if you haven’t score a weapon yet, then we would highly recommend that you check out the Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light.

GloveShot Slingshot

who haven’t fiddled with a slingshot in their childhood? we are guessing, most of us did (as to what you did with it, we wouldn’t want to delve into it). as you may have witnessed across the Internet, slingshot has evolved quite significantly and is being enjoyed by growth up too, albeit those growth up’s rig are a whole lot more sophisticated and some even potentially lethal…