while the threat of apocalypse might be behind us, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to keep yourself prepped for any unforeseen situations and speaking of keeping yourself prepared, if you haven’t score a weapon yet (that’s if you area of resident allows…), then we would highly recommend that you check out the Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light. it probably can’t maim zombies like a 12-gauge would, but it should serve as a handy hunting tool for bagging fishes and small games to fill your growling stomach in time of needs. this modern iteration of slingshot includes a folding whistler biscuit for shooting full-size arrows, propelled using the same 25 lbs pull band that launches the regular slingshot ammunition.

also included in this $140 Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light package is a tactical flash light, attached to one of the two mounting points on the side with a regular Weaver Mount Base and Scope Rings, and befitting its survival namesake (and much to our delight), it even comes standard with a compass for your navigation needs, as well as a waterproof chamber within its cast iron body for other small survival items such as fishing kit, waterproof matches or whatever stuff of your choosing. arrows are not included, though. see the Survival Slingshot – Archer with Tactical Light in action in a review by Tin Hat Ranch after the break.

Survival Slingshot via Uncrate

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