Lifesaber: The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Tool For Real-World Jedis

Heading out into the wilderness means you will need a “sustainable” source of power for your most important gadget: your smartphone. Sure, you can load up yourself with multiple power banks, but is that really a practical solution if you are going on an undetermined number days? Probably not.

COMBAR – A Very Serious Survival Multi-tool With The Look To Match

A pocket-size multi-tool can come in handy when you are out in the wild, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves because a pocket knife is not going chop woods. It simply don’t cut it and that’s precisely why ex-special operations veterans over at Aclim8 Inc. designed the COMBAR. No. It is not a crowbar, although it […]

Firefly Is A Swiss Army Knife Accessory You Never Knew You Need

Do you pick your teeth while out in the wild? Hardly. Do you start fire in the wild? Obviously. So, why do you even need a toothpick in a Swiss Army Knife (SAK), a widely used multifunctional outdoor tool preferred by outdoor enthusiasts the world over? Perhaps we will find out why one day, but […]

Pyyros Is The Extreme Survival Tool We Want In Time Of A Disaster

If you camp often or have the habit of being prepared for any unfortunate disasters that may come your way, then you might want to check out Pyyros. Billed as the ultimate survival tool and flashlight, Pyyros is devised by an US military veteran and keen outdoorsman who obviously knows what a person needs in […]

Slingshot With Laser Aiming Is Cool, But Try Not To Knock The Laser Out

I have an idea for a better aim with slingshot. Mind you. When we talked about slingshot, we are not talking about the Y-shaped contraption fashioned out of a branch of a tree. Definitely not those used by Dennis the Menace, or Bart Simpson. We are talking about metal projectile shooting contraption worthy of a […]

Slingshot With Tactical Keychain Is Worthy As Part Of Any Survival Gear

If you think shooting stuff is part of your camping experience, than you are going to love the TUKKSHOT EDC Slingshot by Full Throttle Engineering. This CNC machined pocket-friendly slingshot is designed to accomodate the outfit’s Tactical Keychains, TUKK. Crafted from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and coated with a polymer-ceramic composite for enhanced durability, TUKKSHOT is […]

BioLite Broke Conventional Lantern Design By Going Flatpack

If you camp often, you will notice that lantern is the one thing that’s hard to pack. Lanterns are mostly cylindrical and therefore, it consumes precious space and that’s not to mention after all the effort of packing it in, you get crazy dim light out of it which is pretty ineffective in pitch dark […]

This Sleek Tube Is Actually A Survival Kit For Surviving A Natural Disaster

Folks living in peaceful and relatively natural disaster-free regions may not understand what it takes to survive the nature’s wraths, but to Japan, it is a second nature when it comes to dealing with the inevitable unleashed by Mother Nature. In view of this predicament, hardware manufacturer Sugita Ace and design studio Nendo, both Japanese […]

BioLite SolarPanel 5+ Packs 2,200 mAh Battery, Charges Phone In 2 Hours

Portable battery is great, but if you are expecting yourself to be out of the grid for prolong period of time, solar charger is the way to go. However, you are probably not going to go for just any solar charger; you will one that maximizes your charge. Such is what BioLite Solar Panel 5+ […]

This ‘System’ Discretely Turns Pee Into Drinking Water Anytime, Anywhere

So you think Amazon sells some of the weirdest stuff on the Internet? Well, wait till you read about what Etsy seller Ultra Violet Production House has to offer: a concealed urine-to-drinking water conversion kit. UV Production House touts itself as a store that “provides customers with high quality sculpture materials and fabrication guidance for […]