The idea of using fire to produce electricity for your small gadgets when out in the wild is not new. There has been a firepit, as well as a kettle pot and a stove, among the many others, that does that. Here’s another one, called FlameCube from Aishu Inc., China’s answer to Biolite’s line of power-generating stoves.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove

FlameCube is a portable stove that uses nature’s resources, i.e. twigs and small woods, as fuel. It is compact (measures 3.93 inches cube, or 10 cm cube when collapsed) and lightweight (1.66 lbs or 775g) for easy carrying around.

It packs a thermal electric generator that generates electricity automatically whenever there is a fire burning in it and stores it in a 2,500 mAh lithium-polymer battery. It is able to generate 2.5 kW to 5.5 kW of power and puts out 10W through its 5V 2A USB port.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove

Other highlights include a foldable design, three-speed dual fan with touch control, cookware adapted (obviously), and super-long battery standby time over 24 months.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove is a slightly more affordable alternative to Biolite’s offering. It can be had for US$169. Last checked, there is a discount going on which lets you secure a unit for US$139.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove

While we are on the topic of power-generating stoves, both Biolite FirePit and CampStove have gotten an update in recent years. You can learn more in our next article.

FlameCube Thermal Electric Generator Stove

Images: FlameCube.

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