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drinking wine is like rocket science. you simply just can’t get the temperature right that would like let you enjoy the true taste of the wine. it is either too warm, where the alcohol taste becomes too overwhelming or it is too cold that there’s no flavor all together. getting it cold was never an issue, there’s always the handy ice bucket to keep it chill but will it be a little too chill? it is perplexing indeed. that, folks, will takes a whole white board of thermal diffusion equation to resolve but why not go the easier route with the Corkcicle. as the name implies, it is both a cork and an icicle and it will chill your favorite wine from the inside, eliminating the need for cumbersome ice bucket and the associated messy condensation that comes with it. all you have to do is leave the Corkcicle in your freezer and when you pop a bottle, just insert it into that bottle and it will keep it chill for up to one hour. simple solution for an age-old problem. you can grab your Corkcicle for just £19.99 a pop.

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