ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse
(photos: ROCCAT) ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse | US$55.99 |

in the gaming world swept by Razer, gamers will be glad that there are in fact, alternatives to them. one such as example would be the ROCCAT Savu. lets face it: a mouse will never stray too far off its native shape and we are not going to shout about how good the Savu look because, it is after all, still a mouse. what the Savu triumph is the performance department, well, maybe the pimp-factor. it features a whopping 4000 dpi pro-optic sensor, “no-sweat” side grips and Easy-Shift+ tech that let gamers program up to two dedicated functions per button. for those Xzibit-at-heart, the mouse offer a customizable rear light bar that can be preset to one of the 16.8 million colors. how’s that for pimp-my-mouse? the ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse can be yours for around $55.99 a pop. larger views after the break.

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