GameBoks Lets Gamers Take Their Console Anywhere In Absolute Style

Ask any console gamers and they will tell you if they could, they would love bring their console wherever they go. That being said, it is not impossible. But because, not everyone has the means to turn a console into a laptop, Gaems exists and now, we hear there’s another player that is making video […]

IKEA Will Be Selling Personalized Gaming Accessories In 2020

IKEA is not usually a name you will associate with gaming, but that somehow changes with this latest collaboration between the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant and prosthetic maker Unyq and educational e-sports company Area Academy. In this collaboration, IKEA will offer a line of personalized accessories for gamers called Uppkoppla.

GUNNAR Optics Introduces Designed By Razer Gaming Eyewear

Oh look, Razer also dabbled in designing eyewear too. Though, it is not exactly Razer branded; it is a product of GUNNAR Optics but with design contribution by the gaming lifestyle company that pride itself for producing products “for gamers, by gamers.” In other words, GUNNAR Optics RPG designed by Razer is a eyewear designed […]

Who Needs A Gaming Steering Wheel When You Can 3D Printed A Mini One?

Are you still playing racing video games with a thumb stick game controller? Well, if so, you must have super dexterity with your thumb or you are just OK with less-than-ideal turns (read: you suck at the game). Me? I am the latter. That’s why I have the official Playstation Logitech steering wheel hooked up […]

If Darth Vader Played Video Games, This Would Be The Chair He’d Use

Whether you are slugging out on the virtual battlefield in Star Wars Battlefront, or reliving the good’ol Star Wars Trilogy at home, you will want to do it in Imperial style with the Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Gaming Chairs. Why? Because, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. Duh. The two chairs shared the same features, […]

Thermaltake Takes Cool Seat Too Literally By Embedding Fans In The Seat

When you are in competitive gaming, sitting on the hot seat is a good thing, but not quite if the seat is literally hot after hours of sitting on it. So, if you rather not have a heated bum, then Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair is the seat you want your ass to rest […]

PELDA Pro Makes Nintendo Switch Dock Obsolete, Extends Battery Life

Nintendo Switch is marketed as a hybrid console. It is a video game console that is also a handheld gaming device. It is all good as a console, but as a handheld device, it has the same problems as with any handheld gadgets. Being portable, it is at risk of knocks and bumps, and also, […]

These Cases Will Have Your Nintendo Switch’s Mobility Covered

I am sure you already knew that the much anticipated Nintendo console, Switch, has already hit the market and you probably also know that it is marketed as sociable game console in that multiplayers can actually play face-to-face as opposed to current norm of faceless online multiplayer gaming. That being said, it is safe to […]

Pokémon Go Plus Wearable Will Save Your Smartphone Some Precious Juice

Pokémon Go is an addictive game that is a serious smartphone juice buster, and the constant glancing at your device’s screen for a possible Pokéstop or Pokémon is a serious threat to an otherwise danger-free walk. The solution is Pokémon Go for WatchOS, or third-party hack for Android Wear, but what if you don’t have […]

You Can Throw This Real Pokéball To Catch Pokémon On Pokémon Go

So far, the closest thing you will get to being a ‘real’ Pokémon trainer is a Pokédex-like smartphone battery case and a Pokéball power bank which obviously can’t be thrown like the ‘real thing’. But this thing here, the Real-life Motion-sensing Pokéball, is something that is designed to be thrown and catches Pokémon too. In […]