Tyon is ROCCAT Gaming Mouse of the Future, Lets You Rotate Tank Turret from the Mouse

when we read through the list of features ROCCAT’s latest gaming mouse has to offer, we only have one thought: man, how far and complex gaming has become. gone were the days where two/three buttons were suffice (think Decathlon or Wolfenstein). it is now the more (buttons) the merrier and better still, if it has …

What We Have Missed: Day 218, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Gigabyte ESSENCE mini-ITX Chassis For Small Form Factor DIY Enthusiasts Gigabyte new mini-ITX chassis is all about sliding. the chassis boasts a unique frame that lets you slide the motherboard, storage, and power pack into it. it has a power button on the front panel, while the base houses the audio and USB ports. slated …

ROCCAT New Gaming Keyboard Wants To Make Gaming In The Living More Comfy

by now we are familiar with the concept behind Steam Machines. basically, it wants to be an alternative to your living gaming. in short, it wants to give dedicated game consoles a run for their money and it even came up with a sleek controller to prove its determination to do so. the hard truth …

ROCCAT Kave KTD 5.1 Digital Gaming Headset

unless you prefer cops knocking on your door, you probably would want to keep the volume of your gaming to yourself with a pair of gaming headset, but that would mean sacrificing the awesome surround boom, boom, boom effect, well.. not quite, if you are talking about the ROCCAT Kave KTD 5.1 Digital Gaming Headset.

ROCCAT Limited Edition Kone Pure Color Phantom White

up till now, gaming hardware has been stereotyped, well, at least in the color department, so if you are going to break that stereotyping, how about starting off with cool white pointing device like this ROCCAT Limited Edition Kone Pure Color Phantom White? released to mark the five year anniversary of Kone gaming mouse