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Razer Kitsune Optical Grade Game Controller

This Is Razer Kitsune, The First-ever All-button Optical Arcade Controller For PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune is a game-changing controller designed for competitive fighting game enthusiasts. It combines the tactile satisfaction of an arcade control panel with Razer‘s cutting-edge optical switches. This controller is crafted to meet the demands of competitive players, offering exceptional precision and control while maintaining a slim and portable […]

Razer Ouroboros

regular mouse users didn’t quite think twice about this important but often overlooked pointing device. however, as far as gamers are concerned, the fit of the mouse to their hands is as equally important as what goes under the hood and this is especially true for competitive gamers (or anyone who take their PC gaming very seriously) and therefore, a gaming mouse with…

Super Angry Birds USB Controller

a few months ago we saw an enthusiast-built Angry Birds USB Slingshot modeled after a real life slingshot. it was such an awesome creation that make a non-angry avian fan like me wanted to pick up the game on PC. however, it fall short of being a reality. a reality, as in something that we could use our hard earn cash in exchange for one. as hopes…

Razer Taipan

a mouse that caters to ambidextrous user is far and few between, let alone one that is geared towards serious gamers. for the latter group, you can add the new Razer Taipan to the short list of mouse that’s designed for both right- and left-handed gamers. designed in collaboration with…