Benny Drive 175-Degree Display Racing Simulator

Benny Drive 175-Degree Display Racing Simulator
Benny Drive 175-Degree Display | about US$114,000.00 |

let’s be honest: a home brew racing simulator is not even remotely close to the real deal simulator no matter how huge is your HDTV, though it is suffice for folks who has limited budget. however, if you have like six figures to splurge and a reasonable sized game room to spare, then this Benny Drive 175-Degree Display Racing Simulator is for you. it is obvious that this 160-inch curved display isn’t your regular TV, it is designed specifically for racing simulation. as big as it might look, its creator – a Swedish firm called Norman Design – said that the entire screen is portable. i guess with a weight about 50 kg (110 lbs) and an hour of assembly time needed, Norman probably meant to say it is movable and not actually suggesting anyone to lug it around like a laptop. the setup includes a series of projectors mounted at the rear with a depth of just 60 cm (24 inches) and a PC running a special software ensuring a seamless 160-inch coverage. for around $114,000 you get an F1 racing simulator kit which includes the enormously wide curved rear-projection screen, motion-capable seat, an Intel i7 gaming rig with racing software, and a Thrustmaster T 500 RS steering wheel and a F1-style body for the added realism. the asking is no doubt astronomical in gaming rig terms but hey, it is still a fraction of a real-deal F1 race car. the only downside is the lack of the glitz and glamor that a real F1 race car driver gets, which may not be a bad thing after all. see the Benny Drive 175-Degree Display Racing Simulator in action after the break.

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