HEX Stealth Case

HEX Stealth Case
HEX Stealth Case | US$34.95 | www.shophex.com

if you are a casual person and likes to dress Google staff-style i.e. tee-shirt and berms (or jeans, if you prefer), then the last thing you want is to have a bulging butt due to fat wallet. we know you may have stacks of cash stuff within but lets put that fact aside and think more about personal image. shall we? so leave your wallet in your drawer and instead, grab your RFID card, slip it into the HEX Stealth Case for iPhone 4/4S and you are load and ready to make contactless tap purchases at any participating tap-to-pay location. within the Stealth is a patent-pending shielded internal storage compartment that keeps your iPhone and the RFID-enabled card functioning properly without cross-interference. if you don’t have a RFID, you can still use the storage compartment for bills, ID or credit card. made of polycarbonate, the Stealth case comes in two fail-safe colors: matte black and gloss white, and features the usuals such as camera hole, access to all buttons and ports, and of course, protection for your iPhone. the HEX Stealth Case can be yours for $34.95 a pop. RFID not included, of course.

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