Here’s a super cool case for your Apple iPad Pro 10.5. No. I did not use the wrong picture. The images of ‘sketchbook’ you see here are actually an iPad case. I know right. It looks totally dope because, sketchbook. Made of PU leather (AKA faux leather), Sketchbook iPad Case II features real functional wire bound made out of 1.35 mm wire, built stands that offer two modes of orientation, splash resistance outer, built-in Apple Pencil holder, a device display-friendly felt interior, and finally, an integrated elastic band to keep the ‘sketchbook’ closed when it is supposed to.

Sketchbook iPad Case for iPad Pro 10.5

Sketchbook iPad Case is not new though; it was introduced two years ago for the iPad Pro and it is not being updated to fit the newer Apple iPad Pro 10.5 introduced last year. In an attempt to disguise an iPad as a literature is not new at all. It has been done many times over. Disguising iPad as a book, or in this case, a sketchbook, not only fools criminal minds, but it also give you, the owner, the edge in the style department. Moreover, this being a case, it will also offer your precious iPad the much needed all-round protection.

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Sketchbook iPad Case for iPad Pro 10.5If I am not mistaken, Sketchbook iPad Case is still the world’s first wire bound case for iPad and it is still the most fitting case for iPad Pro and iPad Pro 10.5’s intended usage: as an artist sketchpad. Like its predecessor, it will definitely bump up its size and so, it may not for those who are obsessed with thinnest (not that iPad Pro 10.5 is super thin), but given the cool factor it will bestow on you and your iPad, I’d say it is worth it. Once again, Longo Case, the company behind Sketchbook iPad Case, has taken to Indiegogo to promote the case.

Sketchbook iPad Case for iPad Pro 10.5

For the next 30 days or so, you will be able to secure a unit as a pre-order for between $19 and $59. How much you will drop for one depends on how soon you act on it and the option you desire. If you are unacquainted with this super cool iPad case, be sure to check out the product pitch video to get yourself up to speed with this unique case for iPad.

Image: Longo Case.

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