Air Caddy Is An Air Travel-Friendly Bag For The New iPad (Not That You Can Do That Now)

It looks we are not going to be traveling any time soon, let alone stepping out to, you know, enjoy what’s beyond our four walls. But that should not stop us from getting prepared when we can finally to do so.

This World’s First Keyboard With Trackpad Will Turn Your iPad Pro Into A “MacBook”

Have you ever look at your iPad Pro and wish it was more tactile like a MacBook? Well, if you have, we have good news for you. There is a thing called Libra that will turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook.

Sketchbook iPad Case II Will Turn Your iPad Pro 10.5 Into A Sketchbook

Here’s a super cool case for your Apple iPad Pro 10.5. No. I did not use the wrong picture. The images of ‘sketchbook’ you see here are actually an iPad case. I know right. It looks totally dope because, sketchbook. Made of PU leather (AKA faux leather), Sketchbook iPad Case II features real functional wire […]

A Pressure Sensitive, Battery-free Smart Pen That Won’t Break The Bank

Here’s a stylus, AKA smart pen, called SonarPen for your tablet that’s kind of interesting. Why? Well, maybe it is super affordable? Or perhaps, it is battery-free while still offering users pressure sensitivity required for doing digital art? Yup. It sure has all those and it cost a modest 195… Hong Kong dollars which works […]

This Wirebound Sketchbook Is Actually An iPad Pro Case In Disguise

iPad Pro is a capable device and with its generous screen real estate, it is more than suitable to be used as a sketch pad. And if you are already utilizing it as such, then perhaps you may be interested in transforming it to look like a real sketchbook. If so, then Wirebound Sketchbook iPad […]

Chivote iPad Case & Stand: A Non-binding, Stylish Way To Keep And Use Your iPad

we have seen quite a lot iPad cases, but not a whole lot that’s crafted entirely out of leather that is also a stand like the iPad Leather Case & Stand by Chivote. the thing about most iPad cases is, they are usually ‘binding’, as in you need to clip the device into place to […]

Hard Graft Frame Folio And Frame Pack Leather Bicycle Bags

Hard Graft, the bespoke leather goods company, has introduced a pair of made for bicycle gadget carriers for times when you really need to travel light with your iPad and cycle at the same time. instead of having a permanent bag affixed to your bike, the Frame series leather bicycle bag is removable so that […]

AirType Is A Bluetooth Keyboard That Has No Keys (Note: Not A Typo)

if you really want to turn your tablet into an on-the-go workhorse, you will need a keyboard. it has become the necessary evil, so to speak, even if you hated the idea of adding bulk to your travel gear. you can always opt for a keyboard case, but soon, you will have another alternative that […]

iOgrapher Turns Your iPad Into An Outrageous-looking Video Rig

serious videographers probably won’t find themselves considering iPad as the video camera of choice for their videography needs. however, if you beg to differ, then the iOgrapher iPad Video Rig might just be right up your weird alley. honestly, we thought the rig looks kind of cool. the iOgrapher comprises of a case with integrated […]

This Beautiful Mechanical Pencil Is Also A Stylus On The Same End

at this day and age, we hardly touch a stylus (it feels so Palm Pilot), let alone a mechanical pencil, but that does not mean they don’t have their uses. speaking of which, if you doodle quite a bit on both paper and tablet, the rOtring 800+ Mechanical Pencil + Stylus Hybrid will shave one […]