Here’s a stylus, AKA smart pen, called SonarPen for your tablet that’s kind of interesting. Why? Well, maybe it is super affordable? Or perhaps, it is battery-free while still offering users pressure sensitivity required for doing digital art? Yup. It sure has all those and it cost a modest 195… Hong Kong dollars which works out to be just US$25. You’d be hard pressed to find a stylus with pressure sensitivity at this price point. Price aside, I think the best part is, it is battery-free. Most people have enough to charge, so it is nice not to add another need-to-charge gadget in our life.

SonarPen Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPads

The only caveat is, it has to be tethered and in this case, to the 3.5 mm port of your iPad or tablet. That said, you and I better cross our fingers that Apple won’t decide to remove the 3.5 mm jack from future iPad too. Then again, if they really do, there’s always the dongle to work with. Still, it is just an unnecessary hassle. Each SonarPen comes with a magnetic pen holder that attaches to the back of your iPad using 3M tape, so it will always be with you wherever your tablet goes.

SonarPen Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPads

Officially, the SonarPen supports Zen Brush 2 water color painting app, as well as ZoomNotes and GoodNotes, but it has proven to work with a variety of other apps, including Procreate, MediBang Paint, Animation Desk, Paintstrom Studio, Notes Plus and Carbo Notes & Sketches. At the same time, SonarPen is in discussion with more app developers to make SonarPen officially supported.

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SonarPen has gotten quite a support on Kickstarter. The campaign has a month to go, but already, it has exceeded its set funding goal with over 1,000 backers behind it. If you want, you can secure yours by pre-ordering it for 195-235 HKD ($25-30) a pop. Delivery is expected to fulfill sometime in June 2018. Be sure to take a look at the product pitch video below to learn more.

SonarPen Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPads

SonarPen Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPads

SonarPen Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPads

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