Lifting a universal remote to near your mouth is not exactly the kind of future we envisioned for a high-tech home entertainment, but here it is anyways, the Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote. We are thinking of the touchscreen route which, btw, Logitech has being going with with some of its remotes. They also have remotes that packs a myriad of buttons that looks it will take a rocket scientist to operate. The Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote, however, is a whole new approach. It is minimalist. Very minimalist, in fact.

Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote

It threw the notion of “the more buttons the better” out of the window and instead, leverage on the convenience of voice to let you wield control of your home entertainment devices and then some. Voice control in this instance is afforded by Amazon Alexa and with it, you can control all your favourite home entertainment devices, plus everything else Alexa can do (like hear the latest news, control smart devices around your home and whatnot).

Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote

There’s no need to fumble with countless buttons or hunt for the one particular button. All you have to do is press the Alexa button and ask to watch live TV, launch a streaming apps, or change channel – even when the devices are hidden inside closed cabinets. In short Harmony Express might just be the dream come true for futurists. The remote works with major cable and satellite TV providers and multitude of streaming platforms and devices, including the obvious like TV, cable box, gaming console, sound system and more.

Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote

Harmony Express can either be the first Alexa device in your home, or work in tandem with your existing Echo device. With the latter, it can ask your existing Alexa devices to locate the remote if the remote is misplaced. Speaking of which, a companion app, the new Harmony Express mobile app, features a remote finder that will trigger a tone on the remote to help you locate it.

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Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote was officially launched on April 15, 2019, and it is available now, priced at $249.99. You can find it both on and Amazon.

All images courtesy of Logitech.

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