Have you ever wonder what space smells like? Well, apparently, it smells like “opening a fresh bag of black mulch and spreading it around trees.” At least, that was what ars Technica space editor, Eric Berger, associated the smell with and he ain’t no astronaut. He learned that with Lockheed Martin Vector Space Smell Perfume. That’s not the official name though, but you get what this fragrance was peddling and that was the smell of space.

Lockheed Martin Vector Space Smell Perfume
Credit: Eric Bergen/ars Technica.

Smell of space or not, the truth is, nobody will ever know what space smells like because, no one yet can survive in vacuum state and have a whiff. I am guessing the supposed smell of space was that you would smell in the ISS or a space shuttle or something that still has life-sustaining air within. Aerospace and defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, announced the release of the fragrance on April 1 and so, it don’t take a genius to know it is an April Fools’ Day prank.

Lockheed Martin Vector Space Smell Perfume
Credit: Eric Bergen/ars Technica.

The fact that the product was announced on April 1 should have already raised the red flag – even if it had an official commercial, starring the company’s in-house astronaut Tony Antonelli (also former astronaut and Space Shuttle pilot), to promote it. Actually, it was half an April Fools’ prank because, the company actually produced a limited batch of Vector available to the public. It was available as a sample on Lockheed Martin website, but since we are this late, it was all gone.

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And so, that was how one space editor who never been to space learned what space smells like, or to be exact, what space with air smells like.

Featured image: Lockheed Martin.

Additional images: Eric Bergen/ars Technica.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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