Here’s a concept mouse we wish it will be made. Called Lounge Mouse, this concept mouse by industrial designer Shane Chen drew inspiration from the Lounge Chair and Ottoman by design legends Charles and Ray Eames. The mouse was born out of the desire to make electronics look less electronic. Lounge Mouse sports the iconic curves of the famed Eames furniture.

Eames-inspired Lounge Mouse by Shane Chen

While it may not look like the chair itself, it certainly has some resemblance to the ottoman. With this mouse, Chen addresses the ergonomics and style of a computer mouse from the perspective of designing furniture and thereby, blending the boundary between furniture and electronics. Shane certainly succeed in that aspect because, we totally see Eames Chair spirit in it and boy, are we digging it.

Shane proposed the mouse to be made of bent plywood like the iconic chair, along with leather for the surface and plastic. Unfortunately, it appears to be a concept for now. Seriously, someone, anyone, should pick up this design and make it a thing already (but don’t make it too pricey).

Images: Shane Chen.

Source: Yanko Design.

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