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LCW Chair

Charles Eames was a colossus of design responsible for dozens of pieces of hugely iconic and visually superb designer furniture and whilst he is perhaps best known for the likes of the DSW chair and his inimitable lounge chair and ottoman, he also created many other pieces of stunning furniture such as the LCW chair pictured above. Continue reading LCW Chair

The Eames DSW

Furniture is the key component of getting your home design endeavors in order and there are certain pieces which you simply cannot go wrong with. The fact that Charles Eames designed dozens of such pieces is testament to his considerable skill as a designer but few have been as well-received and heavily deployed in homes as his, quite frankly, exemplary DSW chair. Continue reading The Eames DSW

Office Essential: Charles Eames Chair

For those who work from home, a comfortable office space is essential and one’s choice of office chair will invariably make or break your home office endeavors. It is for this reason that most people who have the capacity to work remotely will opt for Charles Eames office furniture in their home office because, quite simply, the comfort supplied (not to mention the visual appeal) by a Eames office chair is beyond compare. One of the most popular office chairs to emerge from the Eames stable was unquestionably that of the Eames 119 Aluminum Group Office Chair (reproduction; £594) witnessed above and which, as you can plainly see, elevates the style of any home office work space quite considerably. Continue reading Office Essential: Charles Eames Chair

Charles Eames DSW Chair

Charles Eames, the iconic and legendary American furniture designer, was responsible for some truly mesmerizing pieces of furniture but few pieces won him as many accolades nor was quite as revered as the devilishly simple yet undeniably stylish DSW chair.

Eames originally designed and released the DSW chair way back in 1948 as part of a New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) competition encouraging the development of low-cost pieces of designer popularity. The Charles Eames DSW chair proved to be indescribably popular – to the extent that the piece is still on display in the MoMA today. Continue reading Charles Eames DSW Chair