Lockheed Martin Space Smell Perfume Was A Prank But It Is Also Real

Have you ever wonder what space smells like? Well, apparently, it smells like “opening a fresh bag of black mulch and spreading it around trees.” At least, that was what ars Technica space editor, Eric Berger, associated the smell with and he ain’t no astronaut. He learned that with Lockheed Martin Vector Space Smell Perfume. […]

There’s A FIAT 500 Perfume, But It Won’t Make You Smell Like A Car

Think a modern car icon like the FIAT 500. Now, think fragrance (AKA perfume). Do they have anything in common? I guess not. Then again, nobody would have imagined pumpkin and latte would be a thing and so, yeah, FIAT 500 Perfume is a thing. That’s not a typo, btw, and neither are we talking […]

James Bond 007 Fragrance

this year is a big year for the movie industry and fans (of action genre in particular) alike. it is the year of big budget, star-studded film The Avengers, the concluding movie of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and most importantly, it is the year of the 23rd Bond film (aka Skyfall) and also the 50th Anniversary of the Bond franchise. yes, it is that old. speaking…