Think a modern car icon like the FIAT 500. Now, think fragrance (AKA perfume). Do they have anything in common? I guess not. Then again, nobody would have imagined pumpkin and latte would be a thing and so, yeah, FIAT 500 Perfume is a thing. That’s not a typo, btw, and neither are we talking about automobile air fresheners. IT IS A FIAT 500-branded perfume.

Official FIAT 500 Perfume

Fortunately though, unlike KFC Drumstick Bath Bomb, or the KFC Scented Candle, that smells literally like the product (in the case of KFC, fried chicken), the Official FIAT 500 Perfume will not make you smell like car exhaust or reek with engine oil. In fact, the only two obvious cues of it is FIAT 500 related are the branding (which is FIAT 500 Perfume) and the rather cool perfume bottle which happens to be in the shape of the front end of a FIAT 500.

Official FIAT 500 Perfume

I am not going to lie. That is probably one of the coolest perfume bottle we have seen since the controversial bottle based on the actual body of Kim Kardashian (just kidding!). Speaking of the bottle’s shape, it does not look like a very handy form, does it? FIAT 500 Perfume is official FIAT fragrance rolled out in collaboration with perfume giant, Perfume Holding, and it is available for both men and women (and aptly called 500 for Her and 500 for HIM) and comes in two sizes: 50 ML and 100 ML (1.69 and 3.38 fluid ounces, respectively).

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Official FIAT 500 Perfume

So, since it will not make the wearer smell like car, what does the perfume smells like? Well, the ladies’ variety is described as “an authentic explosion of joy, which combines the sparkling and contemporary touch of pink pepper with the woody notes of white musk, in a fresh and bold mix, with an unmistakable style” while the men’s concoction has “a game of bold and sparkling contrasts: the vibrant mix of pink pepper and Timur pepper combines with fresh and sensual notes of grapefruit and patchouli, for an original and captivating result.”

Official FIAT 500 Perfume

The ladies’ version comes in a white colorway inspired by the pearl white FIAT 500 and the men’s, is in green, as inspired by the limited edition military green FIAT that was launched collaboration with Italian fashion label Diesel. Official FIAT 500 Perfume is available at Perfume Holding online store priced at €38 and €48, for the 50 ML and 100 ML version, respectively. You can also find the fragrance on FIAT UK merchandise store too.

Official FIAT 500 Perfume

Images: FIAT/Perfume Holding.

Source: METRO.

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